“Fire in the Temple” February Update

The director and playwright have been tightening the script to make it a dynamic performance. Recent readings of the script in Copake, NY; Beaver Run, PA; Los Angeles; Santa Cruz; Sacramento; Boulder and Denver have drawn profound and encouraging responses and anticipation of the full production. 

And thanks to the kind generosity of many enthusiastic donors, we have already raised nearly $40,000, more than a third of what we need through donations, in order to inspire audiences, cover our expenses and modestly pay the performers. Can you help? We need a few more who can contribute $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000. Twelve people have already joined our $1,000 Club – with just twelve more we will reach our target of $24,000. And donations of any size can help us meet our remaining crowdfunding goal of $9,700.

Your financial gifts and your prayers are helping us to meet our projected budget of $125,600 and to bring this play to fruition. Please invite your friends to join us, and share this message with anyone you think might be interested. And please do consider joining the gracious and generous Debra Agee’s $1,000 Club*, if you haven’t already. 

Whether you give $20,000, $2,000, $200 or $20, your good will is essential in touching audiences’ hearts with this production. 

*Another meaningful way to participate is by joining Debra and Russell Agee in the $1000 Club.  According to Debra,”We are not able to fund the whole production, (as much as we might want to,) but we thought there might be others for whom $1000 is the sweet spot- a substantial contribution, yet it won’t break the bank! We have 11 new members., and would like to have another two dozen. If you can, please consider joining us…soon!!”