Aeschylus Unbound

Aeschylus Unbound is a new play co-authored by Glen Williamson and the late Mala Powers, acclaimed star of film and television, about the ancient Greek Mysteries and Aeschylus, who is known as the Father of Tragedy. It is performed by Glen Williamson and Laurie Portocarrero.

. . . consummate artists who, like Aeschylus in his day, take the most advanced spiritual teachings combined with his/their/our deepest spiritual longings and thrust them before us on stage with such startling power and clarity that the esoteric and unreachable stand before us as immediate and present actors in our contemporary world.

These three – Mala Powers, Glen Williamson, and Laurie Portocarrero – lead us into better knowing our age, better knowing ourselves, through meeting history and embracing the future all at once, with a totally fresh enthusiasm. It is a miracle how these artists can take past and future, living and dead, the strivings of Aeschylus together with our own contemporary longings, the history and traditions of ancient Greece with the yearning and the efforts of modern seekers, and weave them before us into one eternal reality. . . . unforgettably splendid. Thank you!

– Lawrence Carter, Spring Valley, NY