Audience Accolades

Here is what audiences are saying...

...about The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily :

“A most delightful and magical rendition of Goethe’s fairy tale.”
                                                          -- Laura Langford Schnur
                                                             Chestnut Ridge, NY

"Riveting. People were holding their breath. Even if they knew the story, they didn't know the story. This was new."
                                                          -- George Riley
                                                             Great Barrington, MA

“Bravissimo! [I'm] still reeling from the ethereal experience of last night. That was so so great – you and Laurie both. You gotta take this far and wide -- this show. Well done. Well done.”
                                                          -- Michael Ronall
                                                             Chestnut Ridge, NY

"It was spectacular actually. You took a text that is treated with reverence and made it modern and humorous without losing any of its integrity."
                                                          -- Mollie Amies
                                                             Eurythmy Spring Valley
                                                             Spring Valley, NY

"Wonderful performance [of The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily]. Your 'spontaneous discovery' approach, which you both sustained with fine energy and freshness throughout, was wonderfully dynamic. I was tired, but this lighted things up and sent me on my way aglow."
                                                          -- John Beck
                                                             New York, New York

"Deeply moving."
                                                          -- Rev. Franziska Hesse
                                                             Sacramento, CA

“Wow! Thank you for so a pizzazzful performance -- I always expect the best from you and Laurie, but you *always* exceed my prophecy!”
                                                          -- Michael Ronall
                                                             Chestnut Ridge, NY

"Delicious and nourishing – the right kind of medicine."
                                                          -- Joanne Dennee
                                                             Shelburne, VT

"I'm still enjoying your performance [of The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily]. What mastery - geeezze. What a terrific performance it was..."
                                                          -- Helen Lubin
                                                             Speech Artist
                                                             Sacramento, CA

“What begins as a smoldering argument, alarmingly suggesting . . . some version of Goethe Meets Godot, happily metamorphoses from jumble into cooperation and . . . more than coherence. . . . We witness creation within a social network, portrayed less in the actors' virtuosic individual representations -- albeit whose diction, posture, gesture, and kinetics conjure transporting, lasting images -- but in the deflection of our attention from the performers to the processes artfully bandied between them. Sweet medicine, fluidly delivered, patently decanted from the highest spheres.”
                                                          -- Michael Ronall
                                                             Chestnut Ridge, NY

“'Tops' extraordinaire!”
                                                          -- Zalene Corey
                                                             Camphill Soltane
                                                             Glenmoore, PA

“What an enchanting evening! How amazing and wonderful that what was so visually simple, with two actors and no scenery, could convey such rich and potent images! A huge warm hug of thanks from all of us here in Wilton who so much enjoyed your performance.”
                                                          -- Alice Groh
                                                             The Tuesday Pine Hill
                                                             Waldorf School newsletter
                                                             Wilton, NH
"A group of students were there, and reports were they were blown away."
                                                          -- Elizabeth Smith
                                                             Program Director
                                                             NYC Waldorf Teacher
                                                             Education Program of Sunbridge College

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...about Glen's solo plays and stories:

“I enjoyed your performance so much. It was so full of joy and infectious enthusiasm for Goethe, that anyone who hadn’t read him would want to.”
                                                          -- Martha Kennedy
                                                             San Diego, CA

“Added to the grace, control and careful choreography of  Mr. Williamson’s movements were an entrancing voice, a seemingly effortless manner of delivery, and a gift for storytelling that kept one not on the edge of one’s seat but, as one audience member expressed it, ‘feeling as though I was no longer firmly seated in my chair.’”
                                                          -- Penny Sutherland
                                                             Ottawa, Ontario

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“It was a great show, your passion made it great.”
                                                          -- Martha Kennedy
                                                             San Diego, CA

“Hope you had a pleasant trip to Montreal and back to New York and all your performances in Montreal were as well appreciated as in Ottawa.  I have had so much positive feedback and the question ‘you think he would like to come back?’ . . . Thanks for what you bring.”
                                                          -- Ingrid Belenson
                                                             Ottawa, Ontario
“‘The Story of Faust was a very great experience and should be repeated’. When I asked the young coworkers personally, their eyes were shining when they told me how much they liked it. You were a great success!! You have touched us all. When are you coming back?”
                                                          -- Inge Sell
                                                             Maison Emmanuel
                                                             Val Morin, Quebec

“Thanks again for all your bring to Santa Cruz. As I look back to December there you are performing so beautifully the sacred story of the Incarnation of the Logos and the wonderful funny tale of Who am I this time? and the touching story The Kid Nobody Could Handle.”
                                                          -- RH Jones
                                                             Santa Cruz, CA

“[The Tragedy of Mephistopheles] performance today was a true Jewel here in Dornach, I thank you very, very much for your precious work, effort and sensitivity: Congratulations! . . . I got the first deep impression by your work with the Presentation of The Incarnation of the Logos -  another one I received today. Your speech - your acting: it is ONE; your Pausing: Spirit-filled; the bell-ringing: more than a "sign"; I had expected at the end . . you would lift the bell one last time - N O T  hitting it at all, of course, but letting it resound un-audible in our souls. But it will do so anyway...”
                                                          -- Angelika M. Jenal
                                                             Dornach, Switzerland

“A large audience . . . sat spellbound as master storyteller Glen Williamson brought Goethe’s epic story of  Faust  to vivid  life in our imaginations. I marvel at this actor’s adaptation of the comprehensive sweep of Goethe’s  twenty- four- hour play into a concise ninety-minute presentation that kept us on the edge of our seats. The memory and technical skill of Glen Williamson are legendary now for those who attended one or all of the four performances, on different themes, that he gave in our area in as many days.  He brought us riches beyond compare, speaking  with the sensitivity and confidence of a feeling heart and a sense of language that is hard won, pure. . . . In Glen Williamson, I recognize a true Knight of the Word.”
                                                          -- Treasa O’Driscoll
                                                             Novalis Project
                                                             Barrie, Ontario

“Thank you for such incredible performances.”
                                                          -- Lee Boynton
                                                             Flagstaff, AZ

“Marvelous . . . this “THANK YOU” truly comes from my heart.  I have spoken to so many people who were really bowled over by your performance.”
                                                          -- Mala Powers
                                                             Los Angeles, CA

“It’s so great to hear this tale told.  Glen knows what it’s all about, and the remarkable thing is that though you think you know the whole story, you really don’t.  We all know what’s contained in part one of Goethe’s book, but part two is so much more.  This remarkable actor brings it all so vividly to life.”
                                                          --Ted Pugh
                                                            Co-Artistic Director
                                                            The Actors’ Ensemble
                                                            Quoted in the “Independent” August 15, 2003

“Cheers and congratulations again! Your performance Tuesday evening was truly extraordinary. I feel so fortunate to have been there. I called Kurt [Vonnegut] the next morning and raved about you - then wrote him a note and raved some more.”
                                                          -- Sally Forbes
                                                             Executive Director
                                                             The Beaux Arts Alliance
                                                             New York, NY

“How great to have you here. You gave us all such a gift with ‘The Logos.’ You are really powerful.”
                                                          -- Mala Powers
                                                             Actress, director and author
                                                             North Hollywood, CA

“Your beautiful and poignant presentation of “The Tragedy of Mephistopheles” was superb!   . . . a very fine experience.   I found myself truly involved. Driving home . . . I found my face covered in tears – feeling a connection to Gretchen and her deep pain over choices she had made – and could not redo.  Then the rising joy of her soul – hope and all - light.  I shall carry that picture.”
                                                          -- Rosalie
                                                             Fair Oaks, CA

“. . . what fun that is [‘Who Am I This Time?’], what an image of lovers, keeping love fresh and alive. What a game life is. 

“Sending energy out into a spellbound audience [in ‘The Tragedy of Mephistopheles’], you created a space of Heaven and Earth the beings flowing in between.”
                                                          -- Mark Solomons
                                                             Oakland, CA

“In the portrayal of Kaspar Hauser’s life Glen alternated between telling and acting his life as a kind of fairy tale and giving the known historical facts of his life as a history lesson, writing his genealogy on a blackboard.  This was very effective.

“Glen’s enactment of the two stories by Kurt Vonnegut was utterly delightful. He played every part, changing instantly from an enthusiastic-idealistic-dedicated high school band teacher to a turned-off-destructive teenager just by turning his head and changing his walk and his expression.

“Glen is a consummate artist in complete command of his craft.  Through this one can see the clean-cut integrity and dignity of his nature.”
                                                          -- Chanticleer May 2003
                                                             Newsletter, Berkshire-Taconic Branch
                                                             of the Anthroposophical Society

“Who could possibly put Goethe's Faust, Parts I and II, into a 1-hour-20-minute performance? Glen did just that! In a seamless way we enter this space which is being created between the audience and the actor. With lightness, drama, humor and accuracy Glen relates the main content of these two renowned pieces of world literature. It is a delight.”
                                                          -- Margrit Metraux
                                                             Cultural Events
                                                             Camphill Village USA
                                                             Copake, NY

“ . . .  your presentation of Goethe's Faust.  I'd love to watch it several times a year.”
                                                          -- F. Sam Gleason, Ph.D.
                                                             Pasadena, CA

“The story [of Kaspar Hauser] is so strong – it’s still playing in me.”
                                                          -- Thomasina Webb
                                                             New York, NY

“It seemed . . . that you were using your energy to open up our energy channels . . .”
                                                          -- Mark Solomons
                                                             Oakland, CA

“It was so good to see your [Vonnegut] show, which I enjoyed enormously. The stories were delightful. There was a thread running through both stories - the oddball characters, and the need for imagination to give them their place in the community. I loved your characterisations, and was bubbling with mirth at the end of the "Romeo and Juliet" piece, as was the rest of the audience.”
                                                          -- Andrew Floyd  
                                                             Stroud, England

“I attended [The Kid Nobody Could Handle and Who Am I This Time?]  with sixth, seventh, eighth graders from both Waldorf and public schools. The children were captivated. The plots and characters seemed to speak to them profoundly.  Glen is a very skilled actor.  He brought the characters to life beautifully, fleshing out the unique details and idiosyncrasies of each so that we all felt like we knew them well. He is a flexible, versatile actor able to portray an incredible range of characters.  It was powerful and memorable.

You could hear a pin drop in that auditorium...and that's saying something for middle school kids.”
                                                          -- Jill Wolcott
                                                             Lake Champlain Waldorf School
                                                             Shelburne, Vermont

“We thoroughly enjoyed Glen's performance of ["The Kid Nobody Could Handle” and “Who Am I This Time?"] Our students sat with rapt attention for an afternoon of superb acting.  It was hard to  believe that there was only one person acting in the room.”
                                                          -- Zalene Corey-Cooper
                                                             on behalf of the companions and coworkers
                                                             Camphill  Soltane
                                                             Soltane, PA

“It was wonderful . . .  to see you perform!!  We loved the tribute to your dad, which was just right.”
                                                          -- Barbara Clapp
                                                             Los Altos, CA

“From the opening to the closing tableaux of "The Kid . . "  Glen had me spellbound.”
                                                          -- Mark Solomons
                                                             Oakland, CA